A Prayer

A Prayer

A Prayer

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Creator of all humankind
You who know the journey of Sarah & Abraham
The re-location of Leah, Rachel and Jacob.
The flight of the early Anabaptists into caves,
across borders into Prussia and Ukraine.
Many of our ancestors crossed seas to Canada,
United States, and then on to Mexico, Belize,
Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil.

We owe so much to those who were welcoming
and hospitable to our ancestors who gave us life.
We are grateful.

Our world is a network of integrated connections
Don’t let us be fooled to think that we have no need
of strangers who come into our lives

God of every people and language
Bring healing and hope to those who need your touch
Bring joy and peace where there is despair

Forgive us for those times we have not responded
to your invitation to reach beyond ourselves and
lend a helping hand

Show us as a community where your love and grace
abounds for us, and gives us a chance
to extend that same love and grace to others
as we follow in your way of welcoming all, Amen!

Theda Good
March 15, 2015
For Frist Mennonite Church of Denver

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